The Biggest Loser: Body Transformation

The Biggest Loser Transformed team approached VP to visualise the transformation of their contestants from their current overweight appearance to an extremely fit and toned version of their future selves. The team had been considering 3D body scanning techniques in order to best showcase this physical change. The initial intent behind the visualisation was to help motivate the contestants by offering them a glimpse into their potential future. VP jumped on board.

The R&D included setting up a photo shoot with a life model as a test case. The technology worked with over 80 stills cameras, capturing image and volumetric data. This was then used to create a 3D mesh of the individual.

3d setup example

The life model was photographed and scanned. These 80+ images were then stitched together to create a material surface.

With the optimized file, VP was able to manipulate the model and adjust her proportions to show her with significant weight loss. After conducting numerous tests, VP were not convinced that the process would deliver the desired result. This was due to the limited amount of information and detail captured in the hair and the fact that the eyes looked lifeless and unrealistic.

After consideration, VP determined that improving the quality would be unfeasible for this particular project due to time and budget constraints. Problem solvers that they are, VP went out and developed an alternative solution.

2D photo manipulations and morphs achieved the desired goal of enabling the contestants to see themselves if they were slimmer and healthier. VP’s team used a library of stock photos of health models and green screen footage of the contestants and trainers to create these visualisations.

The Biggest Loser Transformed - Contestant - Green Screen

VP’s designers had many challenges, like maintaining consistent lighting and reconfiguring tattoos and scarring. These had to be done perfectly to ensure the morphs resembled the contestants and were believable transformations.

After a colour grade to even out the contestants’ skin tone, VP created an animation showing the before and after transition. These were presented to the contestants in episode 1 of The Biggest Loser Transformed, which you can watch on Tenplay here. The morphs received a warm reception from the contestants. One of the contestants, Brett, felt the transformation was very realistic: “That’s about what [my fighting weight] is too.”

During the R&D process, a 3D body scan of Emily was taken and was then manipulated to make it appear like she was dancing.

Take a look at one of the transformations below and tune in to The Biggest Loser Transformed on Channel Ten to see how the morphs match up with reality.

The Biggest Loser Body Transformation