MSFW Interactive Billboard

Visual Playground created an interactive billboard for the City of Melbourne for the launch and duration of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week ’16.




The billboard had strong visual impact. The fusing of technology and fashion made it very distinct, attracting many Melbourne pedestrians over the course of MSFW.

People of all ages interacted and played with the sponsor billboard in a way that held true to the 2016 theme of self-renewal, rebirth and regrowth. The billboard promoted Melbourne as a progressive city and delivered a fun and dynamic experience to all passers-by.


The billboard operated via an Xbox Kinect Camera, which tracked the kinetic movements of the player as they moved in front of the billboard. Software translated the tracking information to animation then sent animation to screen. This meant the player saw a blend of silhouetted shapes and petal particles mirrored their actions; pedestrian’s mundane commute home was transformed into a colourful experience.


The interactive petal particles were derived from the chosen flower for the 2016 MSFW campaign. Sparkles were added to a palette of blues and hints of gold to add further magic to the interaction.

As a concept that was developed proactively, this activation became a standout addition to the vibrant landscape that is Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, proving VP to be a strong player in the digital activation space.

Take a look below to see how the billboard operates!