REA Hologram

When a client requests something seemingly impossible, well of course we say ‘Yes!’

VP, in collaboration with V.I. Agency, created one of the largest hologram displays seen in Australia.

REA Hologram by Visual Playground

To create the content to be presented on the four square metre hologram, the filming of the talent was carefully considered, as all four sides of the subjects needed to be filmed simultaneously.

This required gen-locked cameras synced to each other and a studio rig that would not only provide adequate ‘holographic style’ lighting, but also hide all film gear and crew from each lens.

Rigorous testing and prototyping was done during the development of this piece in order to gain the most believable and outstanding result.

REA Giant Hologram by Visual Playground

The hologram was not just a creative feat but also a logistical one. The pyramid itself, weighing over 100 kilos, was suspended and levelled above an LED screen display unit normally used for outdoor billboard advertising.

Alongside all the droids, robots and bionic hand technology also on display at the REA stand at the AREC Conference on the Gold Coast, the hologram was a great success.

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