VP October News – 2016

This month, VP takes creative strides with new technologies, turning even the most unusual briefs into engaging experiences while still delivering outstanding graphics packages, animation and VFX.


Pace Doncaster 

Immersive Display Suite

Visual Playground teamed with Savi to create an immersive 360 degree viewing experience for PACE Doncaster. Potential home buyers enter a cubic Video Room in which poetic style cinematography is projected onto all 4 walls, narrating a day in the life of Doncaster. Viewers are introduced to the parks, culture and lifestyle of Doncaster through the use of vision, sound and music.  The Video Room is drawing a crowd each weekend as home buyers explore the area without leaving the display suite.


I Own Australia’s Best Home

VP Work as Architectural Detectives

For Foxtel’s lifestyle channel, Visual Playground collaborated with FremantleMedia Australia to create the graphics package and direct the opening titles for I own Australia’s Best Home. This involved the mammoth task of rendering architectural visualisations of 27 homes using only photos of houses, hand drawn plans on scrap pieces of paper and other limited resources. We felt more like artistic detectives as we put the pieces of the puzzle together, showcasing the unique textures and designs of each house. I own Australia’s Best Home is on the Lifestyle channel, Wednesdays, 8.30pm.



Virtual Reality Forklift Experience

Visual Playground created a 360 degree video, a custom app and branded Google Cardboards to promote CertifyMe’s forklift certification program. The viewer watches as forklift operator Joe learns from trial and error how to drive a forklift. To learn more, click here.


ACMI Collisions
Bringing Virtual Reality to Federation Square

As part of ACMI’s commitment to promoting storytelling in virtual reality, ACMI has created an immersive cinema experience, currently screening the VR short film Collisions by Lynette Wallworth. It will run from the 6th of October to the 15th of January as part of Melbourne Festival. Visual Playground provided the synched app viewing platform for the Samsung Gear VR headsets, which are being used in this exhibition.

By Nicola Nemaric