VP April News

VP has been busy creating 360 content for Westfield’s ‘Family’ campaign, a custom modelled frypan for a Circulon animation and graphics for La Trobe’s Cyber Games video. Read on for more or click here to watch the videos.

Westfield 360 with Dame Edna

Anyone can now share a table with the legendary Dame Edna and some of Australia’s greatest names in Fashion, all in Virtual Reality.

Scentre Group revealed Westfield’s Family campaign showcasing over 140 fashion and lifestyle retailers in its biggest and most diverse brand work to date. At Westfield and online, customers can enjoy an immersive 360° experience, created by PLaTO Reality, a collaboration between Visual Playground and The Otto Empire. The experience invites viewers to have a seat at the Westfield family table for an intimate lunch alongside the campaign’s stars, hosted by Dame Edna who offers her own colourful commentary.

La Trobe University's Cyber Games Video

Continuing the collaboration between VP and La Trobe University, the next tier of La Trobe’s Cyber security campaign was developed.  In the video, the viewer is plunged into a cyber war, complete with tron-style motion graphics and infographics.

Circulon Symmetry Video | Animations by Visual Playground

Spinach agency approached VP to create an online animation for Circulon’s new Symmetry frying pan. Normally these animations are dry and lack excitement. That is why VP was called upon to create a slick, vibrant and sexy new look for their cookware. This was achieved through dynamic angles and dramatic whip pan techniques, which has now set the standard for Circulon’s global marketing style.

The Biggest Loser Transformed

The Biggest Loser team approached VP to visualise the transformation of their contestants from their current overweight appearance to an extremely fit and toned version of their future selves. VP jumped on board, researching and testing 3D body scans before ultimately deciding on 2D body morphs as the best way to highlight the contestants’ potential transformations.

For further insight into the development process behind the 2D morphs, read this post.