VP Delivers Immersive Viewing Experience

Visual Playground recently teamed with Savi Communications, a Melbourne-based design agency, to create an immersive 360 viewing experience for PACE of Doncaster East.


VP conceived a display suite projection, which allows prospective home buyers to discover the tranquillity of surrounding leafy streets and the vibrancy of local shops and eateries, all without venturing outside.


In a dark room, video is projected onto four walls. Sweeping shots of parkland, a hand languidly pouring espresso and time-lapse recordings at night-time highlight all that East Doncaster has to offer, underlined with poetic style cinematography.


Each weekend, The Video Room draws crowds of home buyers, who are now able to explore the area without leaving the display suite. You can visit the Video Room for yourself at 3-11 Mitchell Street, Doncaster East.