VP at Pause Fest

We are so excited about Pause Fest this week! Mostly because the project we’ve been sweating over 6 months is finally released.

We are 1 of 10 creative companies from around the world that were selected to create a Motion Response for Pause Fest, powered by
The Foundry.

This animation was an entire studio production we worked on mostly outside of hours, and we’re pretty proud of the end result.

VP Founding Director Em and Creative Director Pat will be talking about the process of the motion response at Pause Saturday 14th 12:3pm at the ACMI Cube.
Come over and say “Hi” on Saturday.

Or if you can’t wait till Saturday you can watch it right here, and right now.


Creative Director | Patrick Taylor
Producer | Melissa Benavides
Art Director | Shannon Hoyne
Concept Development
| Neil Van Vuuren – Patrick Taylor 
- Emily Harridge 
- Shannon Hoyne
| Shannon Hoyne
| Kris Dollman 
- Shannon Hoyne 
- Johnny Grilo 
- Lisa Cope
| Johnny Grilo – 
Neil Van Vuuren – 
Lisa Cope
Shannon Hoyne
| Shannon Hoyne 
- Neil Van Vuuren 
- Johnny Grilo
| Adam Singer 
- Lisa Cope
- Shannon Hoyne 
- Kris Dollman 
- Johnny Grilo
| Kris Dollman 
- Lisa Cope
Compositing |
Adam Singer
 – Shannon Hoyne -
Johnny Grilo
| Echoic Audio
Commissioned by Pause Festival 2015, Melbourne and powered by The Foundry.